A full range of services for the wire drawing industry

In order to optimize the life cycle of your dies, we offer you a very responsive stock maintenance service.

When your dies are worn out, you send them back to us. Used dies are thoroughly cleaned in our automatic machines, then sorted, re-machined and polished.
The cost of this service is calculated individually according to the projected use of your die stock.
This service is available both in France and abroad.

If you manage a large volume of dies, we also offer a service where you only pay a usage fee.
You no longer need to order your new dies separately from the dies to be re-machined. No more worn-out dies you don’t know what to do with!
We take care of everything.

A stock of dies of all sizes enables us to meet your essential needs within very short deadlines.

Where applicable, the dies remain the property of ADC.

We also offer a die repair service on request. After cleaning and reconditioning, your carbide and diamond dies are resized according to your specifications.

With several decades of experience in metal wire drawing, we can also advise you on the optimal use of your dies: recommendations for limiting die wear, analysing and adapting your machine stock to your actual needs, etc.

Thanks to our in-house design office, we manufacture and market all types of customized machines to meet your needs for the production of the most specialized dies.

We also sell automatic die cleaning machines. Using a sandblasting process, the dies are rapidly cleaned to remove any undesirable residues: grease, wire, copper, etc.

We market a wide range of diamond powders and pastes for the shaping, polishing and glazing of your dies:
Contact us for details of granulometries according to the type of machine used.
These grinding heads offer extreme precision for all your machining and grinding operations. Contact us for details of the recommended diameters and grinding bonds.
Specific products on request. Please contact us for more details about the qualities available.