A family business founded in 1992, ADC Sarl’s mission is to provide the wire drawing industry with the tools it needs.
Josiane Robert and Yves Henry, founders of the company, have 35 years of experience in metal drawing and die manufacturing. They have joined a team of young and competent technicians, combining experience and innovation in this way. Constantly on the lookout for new materials and new processes, ADC is at the most sophisticated level for the quality of its products and machinery.
We produce :
  • Dies of different shapes, round of course, but also oval, square, triangular, hexagonal or for trolley wire.
  • Carbide or diamond dies.
  • Nozzles.
  • Trainers.
  • Dressing rollers and wire guides.
  • Services for the management of supply chains and repairs.
ADC is 40,000 dies per month.
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