Diamond dies

filières diamand

ADC produces dies with natural or synthetic diamond cores. Reliable and durable, they are used for wire drawing non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, nickel, tungsten, copper, etc.).

Natural diamond dies

Natural diamond dies are valued for the optimal surface finish achieved and for their low wire drawing stress.

We rigorously select the natural diamonds for our dies.

Synthetic single crystal diamond (SSCD) dies

The conductivity and wear resistance qualities of single crystal diamond dies are very close to those of natural diamond, although their cost is a lower cost for the larger diameters.

Synthetic polycrystalline diamond (PCD) dies

PCD is a microdiamond aggregate obtained by sintering under very high temperature and pressure conditions.

Our PCD dies, from 0.05 to 25 mm, have a service life and diameter holding capacity equivalent to those of natural diamond dies, but are more economical.

This bill of materials lists the sizes of standard stones and mounting devices.

We can also offer you other dimensions according to your specifications.